A commitment to our clients and the community...
Since it's creation in 1997, SP&L has provided the highest quality packaging, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment services.
About Us
Service Is Our Competitive Edge
We offer 3rd party warehousing and distribution, along with outsourced fulfillment, while maintaining and expanding our corruagted packaging capabilities.  The company is a 100% Minority-Owned Business and remains focused on the growth and enrichment of minority communities and individuals.
We anaylze your packaging, warehousing, distribution & fulfillment needs  With our experience we can provide innovative ways to protect your product, store your product, pick, and pack and ship your product - thus reducing overall cost and expenses.
Positive resolutions for packaging, warehousing, distribution and fulfillment issues.  100% based on YOUR needs, not ours!
Improved Operations
Customers require less Inventory.
Prompt response and on-time fulfillment & deliveries.
Centralized location for shipping logistics.
We Do More Than Just Answer The Phone
SP&L  visits each customers facility to determine their current & long-term needs.
At SP&L, we don't take customers for granted. We are committed to taking the time to learn your needs.
We are certified by the TMSDC, which is an affilate of the NMSDC, as well as the local and regional MMBC as a Certified Minority-Owned Company.
SP&L is committed to developing minority communities and individuals.
A Commitment with a Minority Supplier can make sense for most companies:

- U.S. population will be over 50% minority by 2040

- The purchasing power is shifting

- Brand loyalty among minorities is very high

- MBE's employ a greater number of minority workers