Q. Does SP&L stock any cartons?
A. No, but we can have your specific size manufactured, and in any quantity.

Q. Can I get my logo printed on my cartons?
A. Yes! We can print logos and/or product information directly on the carton.

Q. Can printing dies be used on multiple size cartons?
A. We prefer a separate set of plates for each box size, especially if the printing varies. But where we can, we will opitimize the use of one set of plates.

Q. How much warehouse space do you have?
A. We can acquire as much space as needed to accomodate your needs.

Q. Where are you located?
A. Memphis, TN, which is the Warehousing & Distribution capital of the nation. Headquarters to FedEx and the world's busiest cargo airport. More than 200+ Common Carriers are located here as well.

Q. What methods of transportation do you use?
A. Truckload, LTL, FedEx, UPS, Air Freight & Rail

Q. Do you have automated equipment in your Fulfillment Operations?
A. We currently have an Air Fromm Packaging Unit, 2 L- Bar Sealers & Heat-Shrink Tunnels, Gluing Guns, Labeling Units

Q. How often could I check my inventory?
A. As often as you would like too. Your inventory is updated on a daily basis, and you can view it from any computer that has internet access.
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